International Conference SKILLS 2011

December 15-16, 2011, Montpellier, France


SKILLS is the international conference of the SKILLS European Project (IST, Multimodal Interfaces, 2007-2011). It addresses fundamental and translational issues related to the acquisition, storage, maintenance and transfer of human skills using multimodal technologies such as virtual and augmented realities, human-machine interfaces, interaction design, and robotic systems. SKILLS aims at introducing a novel approach to technology-assisted skill acquisition or rehabilitation based on enactive and direct interaction between learner and technology. Perception-action and cognitive accelerators embedded in specific training protocols are used at various stages of learning in several (real) trainee - (virtual) trainer situations.


General Chair: Benoit Bardy
Program Chair: Julien Lagarde
Demonstrator Chair: Denis Mottet
Program co-chairs
Scientific co-chair: Daniel Gopher
Technology co-chair: Ulrich Bockholt
Project coordinator: Massimo Bergamasco
Scientific committe
Carlo Avizzano (Italy)
Ramesh Balasubramaniam (Canada)
Aude Billard (Switzerland)
Sylvain Bouchigny (France)
Cathy Craig (Ireland)
Andreas Daffertshofer (Holland)
Marcos Duarte (Brazil)
Philippe Gaussier (France)
David Guiraud (France)
Teresa Gutteriez (Spain)
Pablo Hoffmann (Denmark)
Raoul Huys (France)
Thierry Keller (Spain)
Maria Korman (Israel)
Isabelle Laffont (France)
Franck Multon (France)
Carsten Preusche (Germany)
Sofiane Ramdani (France)
Emanuele Ruffaldi (Italy)
Emilio Sanchez (Spain)
Bruno Siciliano (Italy)
Angel Suescun (Spain)
Kevin Shockley (USA)
Sabine Webel (Germany)
Eldad Yechiam (Israel)
Pier Giorgio Zanone (France)
Uwe Zimmermann (Germany)
Local organizing committee
Jihad Achi
Benoît Bardy
Amandine Conraux
Didier Delignières
Nadhir Hammami
Charles Hoffmann
Anne-Claire Lagarde
Isabelle Laffont
Julien Lagarde
Ludovic Marin
Vivien Marmelat
Julien Métrot
Denis Mottet
Nelly Perez
Stéphane Perrey
Sofiane Ramdani
Rita Rolland
Thibaud Thedon
Kjerstin Torre
Elisabeth Van-Dokkum
Manuel Varlet
Gregory Zelic


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